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Gomoll, Jeanne Jeanne Gomoll [Print]

Madison, WI
Fanzine, convention, club fan; Fan editor, artist, feminist.

FGoH: Autoclave 4 (1980); Aquacon 1 (1981); ArmadilloCon 1 (1979).
GoH: Reinconation 2; WisCon 24 (2000).
GoH: Loncon 3 (2014 Worldcon).
Toastmaster: Corflu 6 (1989).

Chair: WisCon 20 (1996).
Concom member, WisCon 1-27, 1974-present; Concom member (Trilobite), Corflu 10, 1993.

Fanzine Achievement Awards (FAAn Award) for Best Fan Editor, 1979, '80.
Norwescon art show award, 1979.

TAFF Winner 1987.

SF3 President, Corresponding Secretary.
James Tiptree, Jr. Award Motherboard member 1991-present.
Broad Universe Advisor, 2001-present

Fanzines: JANUS; AURORA; WHAT SPARE TIME?!; CUBE (SF3 newszine); WHIMSY; TAFFILES; JGTAFF; many other WisCon and SF3 publications.
Apazines for A Women's Apa; Cascade Regional Apa; Anzapa; Turbo-Charged Party Animal Apa; Intercourse.
Articles and artwork for various other fanzines and books, including two Tiptree Award fundraising cookbooks.

Other Fanac: The Dead Cat Through History traveling slide show and Cat-wrapping demonstrations, 1975-1978.

Photo by Bruce Pelz, Apr. 1998
Data: July 2014

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