Fan Gallery Contents: Victor Gonzalez

[Victor Gonzalez] Victor Gonzalez

Seattle WA

Fanzine fan.

Corflu GoH 1997.

Co-Chair of 2000 Seattle Corflu.

Stood for TAFF and lost, 1997.
Won TAFF, 2001 (and, sadly, very late on my trip report).

Fanzine Hugo Nominee 1996, as the co-editor (with Andy Hooper) of APPARATCHIK.
Fan Activity Achievement Awards (FAAn Awards) for Best Fanzine (Apparatchik), 1996, 1997; Best Fan Writer, 2001.

Edited or co-edited the following fanzines: TOTALLY WIRED; INSTANT GRATIFICATION; PARASITE; SANS SERIF; APPARATCHIK; SQUIB; GLOSS; and various one-shots, apazines, and convention publications.

Started the now-offline Squib website in 1997.
Founded the Trufen mailing list in Jan. 1999.
Founded in April 2004.

Photo by Peter Weston, ???
Data: July 2014

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