Fan Gallery Contents: Victor Gonzalez

[Victor Gonzalez] Victor Gonzalez

Seattle WA

Fanzine fan.

Corflu GoH 1997.

Co-Chair of Corflatch (Corflu 17, Seattle, 2000).

Stood for TAFF and lost, 1997.
Won TAFF, 2001 (and, sadly, very late on my trip report).

Fanzine Hugo Nominee 1996, as the co-editor (with Andy Hooper) of APPARATCHIK.
Fan Activity Achievement Awards (FAAn Awards) for Best Fanzine (Apparatchik), 1996, 1997; Best Fan Writer, 2001.

Edited or co-edited the following fanzines: TOTALLY WIRED; INSTANT GRATIFICATION; PARASITE; SANS SERIF; APPARATCHIK; SQUIB; GLOSS; and various one-shots, apazines, and convention publications.

Started the now-offline Squib website in 1997.
Founded the Trufen mailing list in Jan. 1999.
Founded in April 2004.

Photo by Peter Weston, ???
Data: July 2014

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