Fan Gallery Contents: Steve Green

[Steve Green photo by Vincent Docherty, Nov. 2002 ] Steve Green

Solihull, England
Fanzine editor, Conrunner

Fan Guest at the first MiScon, though not necessarily "of honour."

TAFF Winner 2009 (westbound).

Chair: Novacon 14.
Con Committees: Microcon; Novacon 13 (alternative programme), 32 (programme), 33 (publications); Wincon 3, V (fan programme); Intervention/Eastercon 48 (1997, fan lounge).

Administrator of the Nova Awards for achievement in fanzines, 2002-present.

Clubs/organizations: Solihull SF Group (ceased); Birmingham SF Group; the Black Lodge (Birmingham informal); MiSFiTs (founding member, West Midlands informal); British Amateur Press Association (founder member, 1978; administrator, 2002+).

Published CRITICAL WAVE: The European Science Fiction & Fantasy Review with Martin Tudor, 1987-'96.

Fanzines include ASTRON (with Chris Cutts), META (with Noel Chidwick and Paul Harris, for the Birmingham SF Group), TWILIGHT ZINE (for the Solihull SF Group), OVERMATTER (ditto), SOUNDING THE RITUAL ECHO, THUNDERBOX (with Ann Green), OMEGA (through the British Amateur Press Association), ON RANDOM HOLD (through Apa-B, aka the Organisation), SOMETHING FOR THE WEEKEND (through the Nameless Apa), KURTZ'S LAMENT (through Halloween), GAIJIN.

UK bureau chief for MANSPLAT! (Seattle USA).

First contact with fandom: circa 1973.

Photo by Vincent Docherty, Nov. 2002
Data: July 2009

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