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1st June 1958 - 8th November 1998

Fan artist, fan writer, costumer.

FFANZ Winner 1993. Attended Defcon, Wellington, NZ Natcon & Australasian Media Natcon.
GUFF Winner 1995.

Nominated for Best Fan Artist Hugo, 1996-1998. Fan Artist Hugo, 1999.
Ditmar Award for Fan Artist, 1989, 1991, 1995, 1997, 1999; Fan Writer, 1990, 1996; Australian Short Fiction, 1996.
Various Masquerade awards.
ASFMA award for Media Fanartist, 1991; Best Media Writer and Best Media Artist, 1996.
FAAN Award for Best Fanartist, 1996.

"Ian was one of the finest and funniest fan artists of the last few years. His collections SILLY ILLOES and SON OF SILLY ILLOES became essential source books for fanzine editors around the world. These illos cover a wide range of fannish subjects, and reflect Ian's view of fandom as a broad and inclusive society. Ian was also very generous with art for specific fanzines... Although best known for his fillos, his more considered artwork was superb. His talents did not go unrewarded. He won several Ditmars, and had been nominated for the last three Fan Artist Hugos... Ian was not merely an accomplished artist, but a fine fan writer as well. He produced many issues of his personal zine STUN GUNN which incorporated the rule that locs should be exactly 23 words. His more recent fanzine, MIND WALLABY described itself as "marsupial nonsense", and was an eclectic collection of amusing bits and pieces." (Alison Scott, Plokta News Network)

Started the Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxy club in Melbourne, 1981.
Joined Melbourne Science Fiction Club in 1986.
Ran Basicon, with KRin and Glen Tilley, 1995.
Co-Chair: Basicon 2, 1997 Australian S.F. Convention.

Contributed to ETHEL THE AARDVARK, MIMOSA, and many other fanzines, 1987-1998.

"Ian has had a busy and varied career in fandom: editor, writer, cartoonist, reviewer, convention runner, costumer, filksinger, collector, author of one professionally published short story, winner of several ASFMAs, Ditmars and one Fan Achievement Award, Hugo nominee, former MSFC President, joint winner of two Fan Funds, fundraising organiser, master of ceremonies, trivia buff and teller of bad jokes. He does not, however, do windows." (Melbourne Science Fiction Club)

Photo provided by KRin Pender-Gunn.
Data: July 2009

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