Fan Gallery Contents: John Harold

[photo by R C Bourget, July 1999] John Harold [high-res photo]

Old England
Convention worker, organiser, operations.

Awards: Doc Weir award, 1997. (voted on by UK fans)

Con Committees: Conadian (Worldcon, 1994), L.A.con III (Worldcon, 1996), Conucopia (NASFiC, 1999), Loscon 2000. Generally UK equivalent as staff. Head of Operations at several Worldcons. Art show organiser at one UK Eastercon, and for about 8 years at UK Novacon. Security chief at a number of conventions, most anything else the committee can talk me into.
Committee: Illustrious 2011/Eastercon 62 (2011).

Watcher of those in need of help. Also anything of beauty and grace.

Photo by R C Bourget, July 1999
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