Fan Gallery Contents: Eve & John Harvey

[photo by Vincent Docherty, Nov. 2002] Eve & John Harvey

Brighton UK
Convention fans.

FGoH: 2005 UK Eastercon.

Eve: Chair, UK Eastercon 1981, Channelcon held in Brighton. Treasurer at 2003 Eastercon (Seacon '03). On 1979 Worldcon (Seacon '79) committee.

Both: Part of organisers for the last three Mexicons. Ran a relaxacon, Rubicon, at the end of August for a few years.
With Rob Hansen and the late Martin Smith, organised "Precursor" in 1995, a relaxacon/Worldcon warmer-up the weekend before Intersection (1995 UK Worldcon).

Eve: GUFF Winner (Europe to Australia) 1985, for Aussiecon 2.

Founding members of Leeds University SF Society, early '70s, and ran the club for a couple of years. Were very active in BSFA (British SF Association) in the late '70s and early '80s.

Editors of GHAS, 1975-1977.

Eve: Edited and produced WALLBANGER for several years.

John: Co-editor of PULP with Ron Hansen and Avedon Carol. Pubbed number of special publications for conventions and fan fund raisers.
Edited BSFA's newsletter MATRIX for 18 months.

Past Presidents of fwa, 2001.

First contact with fandom: 1973.

Photo by Vincent Docherty, Nov. 2002
Data: July 2004

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