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Yonkers NY
Fanzine fan

FGoH: Empiricon (1981), Midsouthcon (1982), SciCon (1986), Contraption (1988), Westercon 42 (1989), Minicon 37 (2002).
Guest of Honor: Detcon 1 (2014 NASFIC).

Hugo Nominee, Best Fan Writer, 1980-1991.

Fanzines: DIAGONAL RELATIONSHIP (1977-1982), DILLINGER RELIC (1982-1990), DEROGATORY REFERENCE (1990-2003), NICE DISTINCTIONS (2003-present).
APAs: FAPA, Golden APA (founder), SFPA; formerly LASFAPA, apa-nu, FLAP, SWAPA, and many others.
Contributor of articles to many fanzines, locs almost everywhere.

Online fanac: rec.arts.sf.fandom, Timebinders, Trufen, Memory Hole, IAFA-L.

Founder: ILLUMINATUS! Nut Cult.
Founder and Pope: Church of the SuperGenius.

First contact with fandom: ca. 1970

Photo by Mark Olson, Mar. 2002?
Data: Sep. 2013

Rev. 04-Sep-2013