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14 August 1932 - 6 February 2007
Port Charlotte FL
Fanzine fan, artist.

GoH: Chicon IV (1982 Worldcon), Tropicon I (1982).

TAFF winner, 1956 (eastbound). Rebel Award, 1987.
Past President of fwa, 1951 (selected at Corflu 14 in 1997).
Former member: Fanoclasts, FISTFA.
Hugo Award for Fanzine (Science Fiction Five-yearly), 2007.

Fanzines: QUANDRY (30 monthly issues, 1950-'52 - often regarded as the epitome of Sixth Fandom fanzines, included a regular column by Walt Willis); FANHISTORY (3 issues, in 1955); SCIENCE FICTION FIVE-YEARLY (1951-'71, most of them in color - SFFY continues to be published on its rigid five-yearly schedule without fail).
APAs: FAPA (ca. 1950-'71).

Participated in Chicon's masquerade, wearing a costume she mimeographed and assembled herself. She bought fabric to approximate twilltone colors, ran them through the machine, stitched them together, and accessorized with a belt of paper clips and a mimeo stylus with a pinback glued on.

First contact with fandom: 1950.

"Lee was a giant among fans, back in the '50s. At first people thought she was a male, since they knew her only on paper. She allowed fandom to think this until she attended her first convention, the New Orleans Worldcon in 1951...
    She launched folk music fandom with her mid-'50s fanzine, CARAVAN. After several years she sold CARAVAN, which had gotten to be too much work, and did a more fanzine-like folkzine called GARDYLOO.
     In the mid-'60s I convinced her she could wrote professionally (she was better than I was) and she began a career as a professional writer, first with westerns (one of which was sold to Hollywood) and then with SF; later she wrote historical romances under another name.
     Lee also painted and sculpted. I have one of her paintings and a small sculpture (in soft stone). I have always thought of her as a very talented person. And, yes, she's been a friend of mine since the mid-'50s." (Ted White)

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