Fan Gallery Contents: Lucy Huntzinger

[Lucy Huntzinger photo by Mark Olson, Sep. 2002] Lucy Huntzinger [high-res photo]

San Bruno, CA
Fanzine fan.

Fan Fund GoH at the 1987 Australian National Convention.
Fan GoH at the 1987 Melbourne Eastercon.
TM: Corflu Ocho (Corflu 8, 1991).
GoH: Corflu XXX (Corflu 30, 2013).

Chair: Corflu Nashville (Corflu 13, 1996).
Con Committees: Corflu 1 (Berkeley CA, 1984), ConFederation.

DUFF Winner 1987.

Past President fwa 1985.

Fanzines: RUDE BITCH (with Avedon Carol), CONVENTION GIRLS' DIGEST (with Allyn Cadogan and Sharee Carton), ABBATOIR/ABATTOIR (with Bryan Barrett), SOUTHERN GOTHIC, ARIES MOON (online only).

Other fanac: Co-founder of Corflu: the Fanzine Fans Convention, co-founder of the San Francisco Lounge Lizards monthly fan meeting (1980's), columnist for TRAP DOOR.

First contact with fandom: 1981

Photo by Mark Olson, Sep. 2002
Data: Aug. 2014

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