Fan Gallery Contents: Rob Jackson

Jackson, Rob Rob Jackson

Chichester, UK
Fanzine and convention fan

Con Committees: Worldcons: Seacon '79 (special events) and Conspiracy '87 (publications). UK Eastercons: publications & Treasurer, Tynecon/Eastercon 25 (1974, publications and Treassurer); with wife Coral, publications for Channelcon/Eastercon 33 (1982). Other: helped set up Silicon, late 1970s Newcastle relaxacon; on committee of nos 1-3, 1976-78. Also publications for Mexicon 2, 1986.

Awards: Nova Award for Best Fanzine, 1975-'76 (MAYA).
FAAn Award for Best Fan Editor, 1977, '78; Best Fanzine, Single Issue (Maya 11), 1977, '78.
Second place in Best Fanzine Hugo ballot 1978, 1979 for MAYA.

Clubs/organizations: OUSFG (Oxford Univ. SF Group) 1971-72. NESFiG (Newcastle) 1975-78: North East Science Fiction Group.

Fanzines: MAYA (issues 7-15) - 1975-78; INCA (1979).

Other fanac: MATRIX fanzine review column 1979-81. Memory Hole Mailing List 2001-2.

Photo by Coral Jackson, Nov. 2001
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