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Chicago IL area
Convention Fan, Club Fan.

Windycon Committee, 1980-present (Gopher Chief, Operation, Dealer Room lately; was Vice-Chair twice); CHICON 2000, associate chairman; CHICON V (1991), member of the board; CHICON IV (1982), subdivision manager. Havve also worked various regionals and Worldcons since 1980 in almost any capacity imaginable.

ISFIC Secretary and member of the Board of Directors since the mid 1980's (ISFIC is the corporate body of Windycon).

President of "Queen to Queen's Three" 1979-present (Chicago-area media fan club).

Fanzines: Edited TRILEVEL (late 1970's/early 1980's).

Has attended over 150 conventions through the years.

First contact with fandom: 1978.

Photo by Bruce Pelz, Sep. 2000
Data: Nov. 2016

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