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(Marsha Brown, Marsha Elkin)

New York NY

Convention fan.

Con Committees: Noreascon 1, a couple of Lunacons in the mid '60s, Eastercon '77, various other cons at various times. Ran 7 Eastercon art shows, 12 Novacon art show, the '79 Worldcon (Seacon '79) art show and the first Boskone art show.

Fellow of NESFA, 1976.

Member of LASFS ("death does not release you"), previous member of Lunarians and NESFA.

Fanzines: Part of the ongoing staff of NEIKAS since the '60s.

Founding member of Georgette Heyer fandom.

Photo by Bruce Pelz, Sept. 2000
Data: Aug. 2014
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