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Kare, Jordin Jordin Kare [Print]

San Francisco CA area
Filker, Rocket Scientist

Interfilk Guest: ConCertino '95.
Featured Filker: Boskone 37 (2000).
Music Guest: Baycon 1995; CopperCon 22 (2002).

Con Committees: Bayfilk I, II, III

Awards & Honors: Filk Hall of Fame 1995.
Pegasus Award 2010 for Best Classic Filk Song "Fire In The Sky."

Other Fanac: Published The Westerfilk Collection (1980). Founder, Off Centaur Publications. Frequent con speaker on space technology. Collector of art and obsolete technology.

Photo by Stan Burns, Nov. 1999
Data: July 2014

Rev. 01-Jul-2004

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