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San Francisco CA Bay Area
Filker, Rocket Scientist (JK); Convention fan, online fan, minor fanzine fan (MKK).

Interfilk Guest (Jordin): ConCertino '95.
Featured Filker (Jordin) Boskone 37 .
Music/Filk GoH (Jordin): Baycon 1995; CopperCon 22 (2002), Balticon 39 (2005).
Science GoH: (Jordin): VCON 28 (2003).
FGoH (Mary Kay): Okon, 1980.

Con Committees (JK): Bayfilk I, II, III.
Con committees (MKK): Registrar/Office Manager/Exec. Committee for Con José (2002 Worldcon); many Worldcons and NASFiCs since the late 1970's at some level or another. Treasurer/Pre-Reg/Database Coordinator for Potlatch 12; Council of Stewards for Mythopoeic Society as Mythcon liaison; other local and regional concoms include Okon, Marcon, Texarkon, Westercon, one Baycon, Norwescon, Orycon, Mythcon, Potlatch, and others.

(JK) Filk Hall of Fame 1995.

(MKK) Fanzines: Red Dust - clubzine for Norman Oklahoma SF Society - late 1970's. APAs: Slanapa, DI apa, Butterbur's Woodshed (apa of Mythopoeic Society), APAPI, Myriad; none currently.

(JK) Published The Westerfilk Collection (1980). Founder, Off Centaur Publications. Frequent con speaker on space technology. Collector of art and obsolete technology.

(MKK) Former filker, former filk dealer, indexer for several filk projects.

Photo by Chaz Boston Baden, Jul. 2002
Data: Aug. 2014

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