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[photo by Chaz Boston Baden, Feb. 2002] Mary Kay Kare [Print]

San Francisco CA Bay Area

Convention fan, online fan, minor fanzine fan

FGoH: Okon, 1980.
GoH: Corflu Cobalt (Corflu 27, 2010).

Co-Chair: Potlatch 19 (2010).
Con committees: Registrar/Office Manager/Exec. Committee for Con José (2002 Worldcon); many Worldcons and NASFiCs since the late 1970's at some level or another. Treasurer/Pre-Reg/Database Coordinator for Potlatch 12; Council of Stewards for Mythopoeic Society as Mythcon liaison; other local and regional concoms include Okon, Marcon, Texarkon, Westercon, one Baycon, Norwescon, Orycon, Mythcon, Potlatch, and others. Especially enjoys working auctions and doing behind the scenes things.

Fanzines: RED DUST - clubzine for Norman Oklahoma SF Society - late 1970's. APAs: Slanapa, DI apa, Butterbur's Woodshed (apa of Mythopoeic Society), APAPI, Myriad; none currently.

Former filker, former filk dealer, indexer for several filk projects.

Photo by Chaz Boston Baden, Feb. 2002
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