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[photo by Chaz Boston Baden, Aug. 2003] David A. Kyle [Print] [high-res photo]

New York NY
Eofan, filthy pro, artist, fan writer.

FGoH: ConStellation (1983 Worldcon), Lunacon 1989, Arisia 5 (1994), Albacon 2004 (Albany).
First Fandom GoH: Balticon 35 (2001).
Special Guest: Genericon 6 (1990).

Chair: NyCOn II (1956 Worldcon).

Member, Futurians, Science Fiction League, Hydra Club.
Knight of the Order of St. Fantony, 1961.
Big Heart Award, 1973.

Involved with the creation of the short-lived WSFS, Inc.

Publisher, with the original Martin Greenberg of Gnome Press.

Photo by Chaz Boston Baden, Aug. 2003
Data: July 2004

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