Fan Gallery Contents: Mark & Evelyn Leeper

[photo by Mark Olson, Feb. 2002] Mark & Evelyn Leeper [high-res photo]

Old Bridge, NJ
Convention and club fan, fan writers

GOH: FGoH: Novacon, 1973? (Michigan, one-day convention); Covert Contraption, 1989; Windycon XXIX, 2002.

Awards (Evelyn): Hugo Nominee for Best Fan Writer (1990-2001).

Clubs/organizations: UMass Science Fiction Society (various offices); Mt Holz Science Fiction Club (Bell Labs) (co-founder).

Fanzines (Mark): BETELGUESE (published 1968-1972), LAN'S LANTERN.
Fanzines (both): MT VOID (published 1978-present).

Other fanac: Evelyn writes convention reports, travelogues, and book reviews. Mark writes editorials, film reviews, travel logs, etc. Both were published extensively in LAN'S LANTERN.

Photo by Mark Olson, Feb. 2002
Data: Sep. 2002

Rev. 15-Aug-2007

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