Fan Gallery Contents: David Levine & Kate Yule

Picture of David, Levine and Kate Yule photo David Levine & Kate Yule

Portland OR

(David) Con runner and attendee; fanzine editor, writer, and reader; performer in various fannish dramatics; filthy pro. (Kate) Convention fan, fanzine fan.

FGoH (David): Westercon 69 (2016).

Chair (David): Orycon 12 (1990), Potlatch 5 (1996).

Worked Orycons and possibly a couple of Portland Westercons, as committee or staff, 1983-present.
David has worked on Con Francisco, L.A.con III, Archon (1979-1983), X-Con (1978-1979).
Kate's favorite job: assembling Restaurant Guides. Began the tradition of Cereal and Cartoons at Orycon by stealing it from another con's PR.

(Kate) Crowned Queen of the Prom at the End of the Universe at Orycon '95.
(David) "Hero of the Westercon," 1995.

Members of PorSFiS (Portland Science Fiction Society), past Treasurer (Kate), Secretary (David), and President (both). (David) OSFCI Board of Directors, 1987-present; WSFS Secretary, 1993;

Fanzines: BENTO, pubbed roughly once a year since 1989.
Kate's one-shots: STUFF AND NONSENSE (wedding progress report); MOOSE NEXT 3000 MILES (road trip report).
APAs: GT-APA, TAPs; former member of Mixed Company, BWA (Kate). (with co-editor Kate Yule); Apazines: LASERGRAM (GT-APA), STEELDREAMER (TAPS).

David: Member of the Not Ready For Sidereal Time Players. Performer in "Whose Line Is It Anyway" and other fannish dramatics.

Kate: Contributes handknit objects to auctions at Wiscon and Foolscap, ranging from lace shawls to ravioli. (Yes, hand-knit mushroom ravioli with a tomato-parsley sauce.)

First contact with fandom: 1984 (Kate).

Photo by Chaz Boston Baden, Aug. 2003
Data: Aug. 2014

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