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FGoH: BYOB-Con 6, Kansas City MO, 1976; LepreCon 4, Phoenix AZ, 1978; Marcon, Columbus OH 1979; Archon, St. Louis MO, 1983; Hatcon, Danbury CT, 1985; Minicon 22, Minneapolis MN, 1987; Congenial, Madison WI, 1993.
Toastmaster: Tzarkon, St. Louis MO, 1984.

Chair: InVention 30, Minneapolis, April, 1982; Corflu 6, Minneapolis, April, 1989 ("Crank").

Concoms: Minicon 1-3, Minneapolis, 1968-1970; MidAmeriCon, Kansas City MO, 1976 Worldcon, Official Photographer; IguanaCon, Phoenix AZ, 1978 Worldcon. (It says here that they retroactively made me the Official Teddy Bear. Does anybody else remember this? Does it count?) Minicon 34, Minneapolis, 1999, Executive Council.

Bidcom: Minneapolis in '73. On the bid committee of the original (i.e., pre-1973) bid. Avid supporter of the revived bid.

One of the Floundering Fathers and Official Happy Deadwood of the Minnesota Science Fiction Society, Inc. (Minn-StF).

Fanzines: COMM'L, 1964); CHEAP THRILLS, 1967-1968; LOVE, 1967-1969; RUNE (the Minn-StF Clubzine), 1974-1976; TELOS, 1980. One-Shots: Out of the SPITTOON (1964, co-edited with Gil Lamont, John Kusske, and Frank Stodolka); A Happy One-Shot for APA45 (1967, co-edited with Jim Young and Ken Fletcher).
Apas: APA45, 1965, 1967-1969; Minneapa, 1972-1982; AZAPA, 1976-1978; Oasis, 1979-1981; TAPA, 1980-1981.

Other fanac: Online: GEnie SFRT (1992-1994); Usenet (1994-current; some SF fan & SF groups, but not avidly).

Photo by David Dyer-Bennet, Jan. 2001
Data: Feb. 2002

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