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Boston MA area

Conventioneer, Costumer, Club Fan

Fan GoH (w/ Tony): Windycon 6 (1979).
Fellow of NESFA, 1976.

Chair: Boskone 10 (1973); Co-chair: Boskone 44 (2007).

Big Heart Award, 2008.

Con Committees: Noreascon (Worldcon 1971); Noreascon 2 (Worldcon 1980: Special Exhibits); Noreascon 3 (Worldcon 1989: Masquerade); LACon III (Worldcon 1996: Retro-Hugo Ceremony); Costume Con 11: SF Masquerade; Various Boskones: Art Show

Officer: NESFA: President, Clerk, VP, Rules Committee Chair, Membership Committee Chair, et al.

Worldcon Bids: Boston in `71; 7 For 77 (resigned); Noreascons 2, 3, and 4.

Participant in costumes and musical plays such as the Decomposers and the Mad Three Party costume (as the White Knight).
Editor: N2 Memory Book, N3 Masquerade videotape; three NESFA Press Bujold books.
Designer: N3 cat logo drawn by Mike Moyle; project leader: Fantasy Showcase Tarot Deck (1980).

Founding member of Georgette Heyer Fandom (with Marsha Brown and Peggy Kennedy), ran the Heyer Teas and Regency Dances at many Boskones at several Worldcons.

Member of ICG since the first New England chapter; headed the costume exhibit for CostumeCon 18.

Member: LASFS (1960), MITSFS (1964)
Founding Member: NESFA, MCFI

Photo by Chaz Boston Baden, Feb. 2002
Data: July 2009

Rev. 15-Jul-2009

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Also on file: Photo by Mark Olson, Nov. 1997