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[photo by Chaz Boston Baden, Feb. 2002] Suford & Tony Lewis, F.N. [Print]

Boston MA area
Conventioneers, Club Fans; Costumer (Suford), Historian (Tony)

FGoH (both): Windycon 6 (1979).
FGoH (Tony): Conebulus II (1978), Lunacon 1999, Arisia 2003.

Chair (Suford): Boskone 10 (1973); Boskone 44 (2007, co-chair).

Chair (Tony): Boskone VII (1970); Noreascon (29th Worldcon, 1971); Boskone XIV (1977); CodClave VII (1981, co-chair); Boskone 44 (2007, co-chair).
Con Committees: Various Boskones; Various Worldcons including Noreascon 1, 2, 3; Costume Con 11; SmofCon 0; World Fantasy Con 1986; Philcon 1986; several Lunacons.

Fellows of NESFA.
Member (Tony): Houston SF Society. SF Research Assn., Boxboro Fandom.
Big Heart Award (Suford), 2008.

Fanzines (Tony): ALONG ALPHA RALPHA BOULEVARD (APA:NESFA, 400+ issues); FANFARE 11 (Noreascon III issue: editor); PROPER BOSKONIAN (NESFA clubzine: contributor, editor 1973-74); STROON (personalzine; also in Technology APA); TWILIGHT ZINE (MITSFS club zine: contributor).

Other Fanac (Suford): participant in costumes, musical plays; editor: N2 Memory Book, N3 Masquerade videotape; Bujold Boskone book (Dreamweaver's Dilemma); designer: N3 cat logo drawn by Mike Moyle; project leader: Fantasy Showcase Tarot Deck (1980).

Other Fanac (Tony): Musicals: "Rivets Redux" (Boskone XV, 1978); "The Decomposers or, Rivets Has Risen From the Grave" (Boskone XVI, 1979); LACon II Masquerade (1984; Tweedledee in "Mad 3 Party" group); Compiler/Editor/author, various projects (mostly NESFA Press).

Photo by Chaz Boston Baden, Feb. 2002
Data: July 2009

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