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Boston MA area
Conventioneer, Clubfan, Historian

FGoH: Conebulus II (1978), Lunacon 1999, Arisia 2003.
FGoH (w/ Suford): Windycon 6 (1979).

Chair: Boskone 7 (1970), Boskone 14 (1977); Co-chair: Boskone 44 (2007).
Noreascon (29th Worldcon, 1971); Boskone XIV (1977); CodClave VII (1981; co-chair)
ConCommittees: at least 23 Boskones (Dept Head/Staff/etc., various areas); SmofCon 0 (1972; Exec Secy); Noreascon II (38th Worldcon, 1980; Programming Director); Worldcon 28,30-31,40,44,47,50,55; several Lunacons; Windycon VI; LoneStarCon 1985; World Fantasy Con 1986; Philcon 1986.
Awards & Honors: Fellow of NESFA, 1976.
Clubs: MIT SF Soc., 1957-67 (Librarian; Onseck); NESFA, Inc. (Founding Member, Incorporator; Pres. (1967-70), Clerk (1970-72, 1975-76, 1991-94), Treasurer (1988-89), Editor (1973-74), misc. Committees, Punster of the Year (1978).); Houston SF Society (Founding Member); SF Research Assn (Charter Member, 1971- ); MCFI (President several terms); Boxboro Fandom

Fanzines: ALONG ALPHA RALPHA BOULEVARD (APA:NESFA, 400+ issues); FANFARE 11 (Noreascon III issue: editor); PROPER BOSKONIAN (NESFA clubzine: contributor, editor 1973-74); STROON (personalzine; also in Technology APA); TWILIGHT ZINE (MITSFS club zine: contributor)

Other Fanac: Musicals: "Rivets Redux" (Boskone XV, 1978); "The Decomposers or, Rivets Has Risen From the Grave" (Boskone XVI, 1979)
Masquerade: LACon II (1984; Tweedledee in "Mad 3 Party" group)

Compiler: Index To the Science Fiction Magazines 1966, 1967, 1968, 1969, 1966-1970; NESFA Index to the SF Magazines and Original Anthologies 1974, 1975, 1976
Editor/Author: A Concordance to Cordwainer Smith (NESFA Press, 1984); An Annotated Bibliography of Recursive SF (NESFA Press, 1990)
Editor: The Silence of the Langford by Dave Langford (w/ Ben Yalow; NESFA Press 1996); Entertainment by Algis Budrys (w/ Rick Katze; NESFA Press, 1997)

Photo by Mark Olson, Nov. 1997
Data: July 2009

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Also on file: photo by Mark Olson, Nov. 1997