Fan Gallery Contents: Denny Lien

[photo by Chaz Boston Baden, Mar. 2002] Denny Lien [high-res photo]

Minneapolis MN

Semi-reformed semi-completist collector; sometime bibliographer and apahack

FGoH: Minicon 21, 1986.

Con Committees: Fifteen or so Minicons (Hucksters, Sales, Auctions, etc).

Clubs/organizations: MinnSTF President 1975-77; also Secretary (four years) and editor/publisher of monthly newsletter, EINBLATT (seven years).

Fanzines: Apazines for Minneapa, StippleApa, Anzapa, Applesauce, Spinoff, Vanapa, Apa 070.4; also FIASCO (1964 oneshot). Sometime OE of apas SPINOFF and STIPPLEAPA.

Other fanac: Co-author of the fannish musical MIDWEST SIDE STORY; wrote TWIN CITIES BOOKSTORES SF GUIDE for 1999 Minicon; bibliography of Theodore Sturgeon in the Sturgeon collection MATURITY: THREE STORIES, and of various other authors in con program books and handouts.

Photo by Chaz Boston Baden, Mar. 2002
Data: May 2002

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