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[photo by Mark Olson, Mar. 2002] Perrianne Lurie [Print] [high-res photo]

Harrisburg, PA
Club fan, Convention fan, Filker

Con committees: Balticon (Green Room, Program Coordinator); Disclave (Program Book Editor, Filk Coordinator); I-Con, NY (Information Desk, Newsletter Editor); BucCONeer (E-Mail Liaison, Deputy Program Division Head); Milennium Philcon (Deputy Director Hugo Awards Ceremony, Program Staff).

Clubs/organizations: Science Fiction Forum, SUNY @ Stony Brook, NY (Vice President, President); Washington Science Fiction Association; Baltimore Science Fiction Society; Philadelphia Science Fiction Society.

Fanzines: Articles in LOST JOHNNY'S RADIO FANZINE (D. Weingart, ed.); THE WSFA JOURNAL; MARK OF THE B*E*A*S*T* (BSFS); and various on-line venues.

Other fanac: Filksongs in THE PHILLY PHILK PHLASH; XENOFILKIA; SEPTEMBER 11, 2001 (memorial songbook).
Baltimore in 1998 Bid Committee (Newsletter editor, Electronic liaison).

Photo by Mark Olson, Mar. 2002
Data: Mar. 2002

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