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Los Angeles CA area
Conventioneer, Faneditor

Co-Chair: Loscon 19 (1992), Loscon 21 (1994), Loscon 27 (2000)

Con Committees: Dept. Head for ConFrancisco & L.A.Con III (1993, 1996 Worldcons), and various Loscons; Co-Creator and Program Director, Gallifrey One cons, 1990+.

Cathy Watson Award, 1996 (Time Meddlers).

Offices: LASFS (Director, 1993-96); SCIFI (Director, 1994-2003); Dr. Who Alliance of North America (Director, 1997- )

Administrative Mgr., Compuserve's SF & Fantasy Media Forum, 1989-96. Editor: WHERE NONE HAVE GONE BEFORE (Trekzine), 1987-92; INTERGALACTIC ENQUIRER (Dr. Who zine), 1989-91, 1995-97

Mgr: Outpost Gallifrey (Dr. Who website)

Photo by Chaz Boston Baden, Oct. 2001
Data: Dec. 2003

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