Fan Gallery Contents: Laurie Mann, F.N.

[Mann, Laurie] Laurie Mann, F.N. [high-res photo]

Pittsburgh, PA
Convention Fan, Fan Archivist, Internet Fan

Fellow of NESFA, 1988.

FGoH: Rivercon 1992.
Co-FGoH (w/ Jim): ArmadilloCon 27 (2005).

Co-chaired Boskone 25 (1988) with Jim Mann.
Co-Chair:FanHistoriCon VIII/Bucconeer, Baltimore, MD (1998), Smofcon 30 (2012).

Con Committees: Most Boskones since 1976; Lexicon 1986 (Boston area relaxicon); many Worldcons since 1980 (first kids program at Worldcon, 1980; Press Relations; Program Division; Services Division; Newsletter; pre-Hugo reception; Exhibits staff, 2004); local manager for the 1999 Nebula Awards Banquet Weekend in Pittsburgh; worked on all Confluences (Pittsburgh) since 1994; ran a FanHistoriCon as part of the 1998 Worldcon, helped out at other FanHistoriCons; helped at several Smofcons, Lunacons, and Disclaves.

Clubs/organizations: MCFI, Secretary circa 1984; FANAC Board since about 1999.

Edited the first issue of The Mad Three Party for MCFI, mid-80s.
Edited two issues of Proper Boskonian, 1990.
Wrote many, many apazines from 1975-1984 for APA:NESFA, APALoosa, APA:Q, Minneapa, and SCAPA:FLOW.

NESFA Press Editor: Dancing Naked (William Tenn).

Active on the Internet since 1988. Created AwardWeb in 1994. Created Timebinders in 1994. Have been uploading many fannish photos to the Web since 1997.
Contributing photographer for the Fan Gallery.

Started the tradition of having the next Worldcon run the post-Hugo party at Nolacon. Previously, Jim Frenkel had been running a Hugo Loser's party after the awards, but he decided to retire that year. MCFI decided adopting that party was a good idea, and other Worldcon committees have continued the tradition.

Photo provided by Laurie Mann, Sep. 2002
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