Fan Gallery Contents: Sue Mason

[Mason, Sue] Sue Mason [high-res photo]


FGoH: Minicon 38, 2003; Concourse (Eastercon, 2004).

Con Committees: ConFabulation (1995 Eastercon); Fourplay (fourth British Filkcon); Plokta.con 1 and 2; Intersection (1995 Worldcon in Glasgow), Worldcon MC.

TAFF winner, 2000.

Hugo award for Fan Artist, 2003, 2005.
Nova Award for Best Fanartist, 1997, 1999-2000, 2003-'04, '06, '09, 2012 (tie).
Doc Weir award for fan art, 1999.
"Best Newcomer" in first art show entered, 1982. Masquerade awards, at ConFiction and several Eastercons, including Most Experienced Female.

Fanzine contributions: PLOKTA; ANSIBLE; BANANA WINGS; FILE 770; TWINK; most British fanzines over the years, and lots of US ones too. And dozens of convention publications, years before the fanzine editors found me.

APAs: TWP (The Women's Periodical).

Other fanac: Usenet, rec.arts.sf.fandom. Filker; gamer; comics fan; Viking and Civil War re-enacter; anime fan; seller of wooden stuff to fans the world over.

Photo by Steve Davies, Mar. 2002
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