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Portland OR area
Convention fan.

FGoH (with Nancy): Icon 18 (1993, in eastern Iowa).

Head of Convention Services for Minicon 26, head of tech services for Minicon 27, events tech head for Westercon 54 and the upcoming Orycon 25. Co-head (with Nancy) of masquerade at Icons 11-17 and DemiCons 1-10. Various other work at various other cons, mostly Minicons, Icons, Demicons, and Orycons.

Former active member of SFLIS (the Science Fiction League of Iowa Students at the University of Iowa, which Joe Haldeman intentionally named after a venereal disease), and Minn-Stf. Friend of DmSfs (Des Moines Science Fiction Society) -- has attended number of their non-con events, but not many of the regular meetings.

Writes, acts, and does voiceovers for humorous SF skits.

First contact with fandom: 1986.

Photo by David Dyer-Bennet
Data: Aug. 2003

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