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[photo by Chaz Boston Baden, June 2003] Christian B. McGuire [Print] [high-res photo]

Los Angeles CA area
SF Reader, Conventioneer, Fanhistorian

Fan GoH: Baycon 2002; Westercon 60: Gnomeward Bound (2007).

Chair: Loscon 23 (1996); NASFiC 1999 (Conucopia); L.A.con IV (2006 Worldcon); Westercon 63/ConChord 23: Confirmation (2010).
Chair or co-chair: Gallifrey One 1-12 (1990-'01), Cult Leader (Retired).
Co-Chair (w/ Shaun Lyon): Loscon 19, 21, 27 (1992, 1994, 2000).
Hotel Liaison: Gallifrey One, 5 through 15; Loscon 23 through 29; Animé Los Angeles.

Cathy Watson Award, 1993 (Time Meddlers).
Evans-Freehafer Award, 2004 (LASFS).
Former LASFS President & Registrar, Past member of the LASFS Board of Directors.
SCIFI Director (1994-present), former Vice Chair for Conventions, former Chair.
Fan Gallery Custodian (with Chaz Boston Baden) 2001-present.
SDSFC Director (2002-present).

Known for Obvious Political Maneuvering(tm). An opinion on chili. Collects chairs.

Photo by Chaz Boston Baden, June 2003
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