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S.F. Barea (Daly City, CA)
Conventions, newszines, fanzines.

Published more than 100+ fanzines. Most famous fanzine was probably FOCAL POINT co-founded with rich brown mid 1960's.
Used to write fanzine reviews for Calvin Thomas Beck's CASTLE OF FRANKENSTEIN magazine.

APAs: Co-creator and co-founder of APA-F, first weekly apa and inspiration for APA-L which started soon after.
Former member of N3F, SAPS, N'APA.

Founder and 4 year Host of FISTFA (NYC fanclub) which lasted about 10 years with biweekly meetings alternating with Fanoclasts (some overlap of members, different rules).

Online fanac: Member of memoryhole, timebinders, truefen.

Recruited Ross Chamberlain to fandom.

Photo by Grant Canfield, Dec. 2001
Data: Jan. 2002

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