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Mark Merlino [Print]

"Sylys Sable"

Los Angeles CA area (Garden Grove CA)
Furry fan, conventioneer.

FGoH: Morphicon 2004, Eurofurence 7.

Co-Director: ConFurence 0-10, Califur 0 (2004), FENEC (2004).
First video screening rooms at conventions.
Video/film program at Noreascon 2, Equicon/Filmcon (1973), Iguanacon II, Chicon IV, Denvention II, Penulticon.

Fanzines: TOUCH; IN-FUR-NATION (1992-present); WESTERN WEYR.
Various furry non-fiction articles for FURVERSION; FIRST LIGHT PRIDE; NEW HORIZONS.

Co-writer sf role-playing game OTHER SUNS.
Creator of "Skiltaire" species.

Active in Pern Fandom (Western Weyr).

Co-founder of furry fandom, host of furry parties 1985-on.
First furry BBS (Tiger's Den).

First contact with fandom: 1971

Photo by Chaz Boston Baden, Dec. 2001
Data: Nov. 2003

Rev. 13-Jul-2004

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