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[photo by Chaz Boston Baden, May 2002] Patrick & Teresa Nielsen Hayden [Print] [high-res photo]

Brooklyn NY
Fan, Book Editor; Writer, editor, conrunner, sometimes illustrator.

TAFF Winner 1985. TAFF GoH: Eastercon 1985.

Editor GoH (both): V-Con 19/Westercon 44 (1991), Minicon 32 (1997), Orycon 19 (1997), Windycon 27 (2000).
Editor GoH (PNH): ArmadilloCon 18 (1996).
Editor GoH (TNH): SciCon 1993, Minicon 32 (1997), ConQuesT 44 (2013).
Toastmaster (both): Westercon 62: FiestaCon (2009).
Toastmaster (PNH): ConQuest 33 (2002).
Toastmaster (TNH): ConQuesT 38 (2007).
FGoH (TNH): Corflu 1986, Arisia 1999.
Special Guests: Minicon 24 (1989), Boskone 31 (1994).
Guest (PNH): Ad Astra 2004.
GoH (both): Capclave 5 (2005).
Super Secret Guest (PNH): GAFilk 13 (Georgia Filk Convention, 2011).
ConCom's Choice (PNH and the Deaf Tones): GAFilk 14 (Georgia Filk Convention, 2012).

TNH: Hugo Nominee: Best Fanzine 1984 (IZZARD); Best Fan Writer (1984); Best Semiprozine 1989 (NYRSF); Best Fan Writer 1991; Best Non-fiction Book 1995 (Making Book).
TNH: SF Chronicle Award, 1988: Best Fan Writer, Best Fanzine (IZZARD)
TNH: #1 Fan Face (1981 PONG Poll; tied w/ R. Bergeron).
Both: Skylark Award, 2003.

TNH: ConCommittees: Iguanacon (Worldcon 36, 1978: Managing Editor, Publications; Assistant to the Head of Programming; Fan Room Coordinator; Editor of the daily newsletter; bleeping Committee Chauffeur and Short-Order Cook; et bleeping cetera, et bleeping alia); 4th St Fantasy Convention (1996: Programming); Minicon 34 (1999: Executive Committee).

TNH: Clubs: fwa; Vanguard (Seattle); Babel-17 (Seattle: Co-Inventor); Fanoclasts (NYC); NESFA (Boston: honorary).
Both: Fellows of NESFA, 1998.
TNH: Electronic Fanac: Genie SFRT; rec.arts.sf.fandom; SMOFS; Timebinders; SFF.Net; other loci and nexi, net and web, including her weblog, Making Light.

TNH: Making Book (NESFA Press, 1994; now in 2nd printing): collected fanwritings and other essays.

PNH: "An Old Fan, and Tired"
TNH: "Working as a Pro Editor is a continuation of fanac by other means."

Photo by Chaz Boston Baden, May 2002
Data: Aug. 2014

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