Fan Gallery Contents: Chris O'Shea

[Chris O'Shea photo by Vincent Docherty, Nov. 2002] Chris O'Shea [high-res photo]

("The Magician")

London, England

Conventioneer, musician, fan artist, webmaster, emcee, and a whole bunch more.

Con Committees: Too many to remember them all. Eastcon 90 (British National), Concourse 2004 (British National), DrakeCon 2 (Star Trek), Redemption 99/01/03/05 (Blakes 7/Babylon 5), Who's 7 (1996, Dr.Who/Blakes 7), Con2bile (British National Filk con), Masque 2 (costuming con), Lexicon (Unicon 2000). Plus committee level posts at several Worldcons starting with Atlanta in 86 (by the end of the con, was given a committee badge) and various other cons including Conspiracy 87, Intersection 1995, Confiction 1990 and various positions at US Worldcons.

Fanzines: Mostly APA stuff. Did A FANDOM SAMPLER (and a FANDOM SIMPLER) plus a number of one shots and fannish parodies (CONRUINER etc.)

Maintains a UK centric convention listing (first on paper and then Compuserve and then the web) since 1987 or so.

Has run fannish "slave auctions", art show auctions, ran for TAFF in 2002, appeared on various programme items, interviewed guests, been official driver, put up artshow, managed registration, done magic and balloon animals for kiddiecon, appeared in fannish plays in the UK and the US, and sings and plays several instruments with a UK filk band called "Cosmic Trifle" (previously "Just Plain Folk"). But aside from that, just sits around the lounge and tells bad jokes.

First contact with fandom: 1980.

Photo by Vincent Docherty, Nov. 2002
Data: Jan. 2003

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