Fan Gallery Contents: Ron Ontell

[Ron Ontell photo by Chaz Boston Baden, Feb. 2002] Ron Ontell [high-res photo]

San Diego CA
Convention fan, club fan.

FGoH (with Val): Lunacon (2002).

Con Committees: Lunacon, 1982-1990, usually Registration staff.
Cofusion (San Diego) 1991, Director of Special Events.
ConDor, 1992-present. Lately director of sales (1998-present).
ComicCon International (fka San Diego Comic Con), 1994-present. Usually working in autograph area.
Various other conventions, 1979-present, working in areas such as art show, technical support, programming, and con suite. Westercon 1994 (Book Exhibit), 1998 (Registration).
Various Worldcon staff positions including in Events, Information, Program Ops, Guest Liaison, Registration, Masquerade, charity auctions, Book Exhibit, and official Travel Agent. Member of Ross Pavlac's "Aardvark Crew" at Nolacon II.

Member of NYSFS, 1980-1993. Honorary member, 1999-present.
Subscribing member of NESFA, 1986-1992.
Member of LASFS, 1990-present.

First year of contact with fandom: ca. 1975.

Photo by Chaz Boston Baden, Feb. 2002
Data: Oct. 2002

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