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April 10, 1951 (Cleveland) - Nov. 12, 1997

Chicago IL area
Co-Chairman, Chicon IV (1982).
Co-Chairman, Windycon 8 (1981); Chairman, Windycon 24 (1997); ISFiC director, 1980 - 1997; held positions on every Windycon concom, 1981-1997.

Vice President for Facilities & WSFS Business Meeting Chairman, Chicon V (1991); Program Director, Chicon 2000 (died before convention). Numerous positions at other Worldcons.

Co-founded the Columbus Light Cavalry, a group dedicated to pitching in at the last minute to save faltering cons.
MagiCon (1992) "Hero" Award (for writing registration software on two days' notice).
Created one of the earliest personal fan Web sites, the Avenging Aardvark's Aerie.
Active in Christian Fandom from the early 1980's onward.
Favorite attire: Blue aardvark suit, formal kilt (sometimes in conjunction).
Silliest fan feat: Founded "Hot SMOF Babes of Fandom."

"He was kind and generous and funny and smart. He's given a lot, over and over again, to SF fandom in working on conventions, publishing fanzines, and starting subgroups like Christian Fandom.
      We saw this coming, but that doesn't stop me from being Deeply Bummed.
      Who do we have left, now, who can emerge from hotel negotiations with ten free parking spaces for a Worldcon's vehicles?
      He was always ready to donate time and energy to help out fans and science fiction. If you go down to the Museum of Science and Industry, passing through the food exhibit and the post office exhibit, you'll come to a display of SF artifacts, video, and illustrations. Ross's name is on the plaque there. MSI wanted to explain the connection between science fiction and spaceflight, and Ross invited the designers to examine and photograph his SF collection to find suitable illustrations.
      He's at the Big Worldcon now, where the elevators arrive just when you need one, and all the angels are wearing bow ties. Goodbye, Avenging Aardvark."
(Bill Higgins)

Photo supplied by Bill Roper Sept. 2000
Data: July 2002

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