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[Photo by Chaz Boston Baden, Aug. 2003] Yvonne & Lloyd Penney [high-res photo]

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Convention fans, former costuming fans; Fanzine fan, fan editor (Lloyd)

FGOH: Wilfcon IV (1988), Pinekone 1 (1988), Convalescence (1990), Astronomicon 4 (1994), Contradiction 15 (1995), Concinnity '96, Concept/Boreal '97, Ad Astra 2000, V-Con 25 (2000), Loscon 39 (2012).
TM: Maplecon 13 (1992).

Chair (Yvonne): Star Trek Celebration (aka Toronto Trek 1), 1986; Toronto Trek 2 (1988).
Chair/co-chair (Lloyd): Smofcon 6 (1989), Ad Astra 13-14 (1993-'94).
Concom: World Mystery Convention/Bouchercon (Toronto, 1992); World Fantasy Convention (Montreal, 2001); Finance Dept., Magicon (1992); Fanzine lounge, ConAdian (1994); Costuming displays, L.A.con II (1984); worked on Masquerade at ConStellation (1983) and ConFederation (1987).
Member of concom, assorted positions and assorted conventions, in Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal, and Rochester NY.
Canadian Agent: Zagreb in 1988, Holland in 1990/ConFiction, UK in 1995/Intersection, L.A. in 2006. Bidcom: Toronto in 2003.

CUFF Winner 1998.

Awards: Assorted costuming awards including 2nd Best Media (Chicon IV, Chicago 1982); Aurora Awards for Fan Achievement-Organizational (1994, 1997); FAAn Award, 2000 and 2002 for Best Letterhack (Lloyd).

Co-founder of Star Trek Toronto; 15 years as member of Star Trek Welcommittee - various positions; Founder, Creative Costumers Guild (Yvonne); Member, Ottawa Science Fiction Society.

Fanzines: TORUS (Lloyd, with Keith Soltys); PENNEYS UP THE RIVER AND OTHER CUFF TALES (1998 CUFF trip report).
APAs (Lloyd): TAPA, 9 years; The Final Frontier (past OE); APAplexy; CanFAPA.

Editor of monthly electronic newsletter "Pubnites and Other Events" for local community (Yvonne).
Regular inhabitant of the letter column in many fanzines; work on cons for local filkers, anime fans, gamers, Trekfen and Whofen; Lloyd's CanCon List for "Made in Canada" website. (Lloyd)

Photo by Chaz Boston Baden, Aug. 2003
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