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[Photo of Pettingers, by Chaz] Sandy and Pierre Pettinger

Lincoln, NE
Costumers, Convention Fans, Con Staff, Apa editors

FGoH: Demicon 5, 1994. Costuming FGoH/GoH: Arisia 2003, Lunacon 2005.

Co-Chairs: Costume Con 10 (1992).
Chair (Pierre): Omacon 8. Co-Chair (Pierre): Costume Con 24, 25 (2006, 2007).

Masquerade Directors, Con José (2002 Worldcon).
Costume Con Future Fashion Show Directors (1998, 2001, 2006-Sandy); Historical Masquerade Directors (2001); Future Fashion Folio (2003, 2006-Sandy); Doll Contest Director (2005-Pierre).

Numerous Masquerade Award Winners including Best in Show at Confederation (1986), LoneStarCon II (1997), Chicon 2000, Torcon III (2003).

International Costumers' Guild Lifetime Achievement Award Recipients 2000.

Pierre: International Costumers' Guild President 1992-1995; International Costumers' Guild Parliamentarian 1995-Present.
Sandy: International Costumers' Guild Corresponding Secretary 2004-Present.

APAs: CostumApa, Costume & Masquerade (OE). Apazine: STAR CITY GLIMMERS.

Judges at numerous masquerades. Frequent convention panelists.
Contributors to SMOFS, ICG-D and other costuming lists.

First contact with fandom: 1981

Photo by Chaz Boston Baden, May 2004
Data: July 2004

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