Fan Gallery Contents: Greg Pickersgill

[photo by Peter Weston, April 2004] Greg Pickersgill

Reading UK

GoH: Follycon/Eastercon 39 (Liverpool, 1988); InterAction (2005 Worldcon).

Con Committees: Eastercon '77 fan room; Mexicon 1-3 (1984, 1986, 1989); Conspiracy (1987 Worldcon) fan room; Novacon 18 (1988); Intersection (1995 Worldcon) fan room.

Convention activities include developing British fanrooms in the 1970s, fan rooms at the 1987 and 1995 Worldcons and the 2000 Eastercon, and a key role in the Mexicons of the 1980s. He is a determined believer in keeping the science fiction in science fiction fandom.

TAFF Winner 1986.
Doc Weir Award 1978.
Past President of fwa, 1997.
Nova Awards for Best Fanwriter and Best Fanzine (RASTUS JOHNSON'S CAKEWALK), both 1994.

Fanzines: FOULER (6 issues, 1970-'72); RITBLAT/GRIM NEWS (2 issues, 1974); STOP BREAKING DOWN (7 issues, 1976-'81); RASTUS JOHNSON'S CAKEWALK (7 issues, 1993-'94).
Oneshots: Eastercon pamphlets in the 1970's such as LETTERS WE HAVE NOT RECIEVED and the LITTLE-READ STOOL BOOK, mostly written by Leroy Kettle and edited by Pickersgill.
APAs: Frank's APA, APA SF&F. Also contributed to BSFA, MOR-FARCH.

Compiled the enormous MemoryHole fanzine index. MEMORY HOLE gathers in unwanted fanzine collections and redistributes them on demand to serious collectors or the simply curious. As of late 1996, there are 10000+ issues of 1800+ titles in the MH permanent collection, and some 2000-odd items in the recycling reservoir.

First contact with fandom: 1967

Photo by Peter Weston, April 2004
Data: July 2004

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