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[Andrew_I. Porter photo by Chaz Boston Baden, Aug. 2006] Andrew I. Porter [Print] [high-res photo]

Brooklyn Heights, New York NY

Convention fan, Clubfan, Fanzine collector (second largest collection in NYC, after Moshe Feder), Fan editor, Fan writer, Fan historian, Worldcon Bidder, Collector (thousands of books, mags), etc.

FGoH: Summercon (Toronto, 1970s); ConFiction (Worldcon 48, The Hague, 1990); NorWesCon 25 (2002); others.

Con Committees: Secretary, 1967 Worldcon; USAgent, 1972 British Eastercon; on bidding committees of 1969, 1973 Worldcons; sold program book adverts for 1967, 1969-75 Worldcons; helped John Bangsund launch Aussiecon 1.

Hugo Awards: Best Fanzine (ALGOL, 1974); Best Semi-Prozine (Science Fiction Chronicle, 1993 and 1994); 25-plus Hugo nominations.

Special Committee Award for "Distinguished Semiprozine Work" (Chicon V, 1991); Special British Fantasy Award (1992); Honorary Membership NYSFS Lunarians (1996); Big Heart 2009.

DUFF Nominee, 1972 (The Inaugural DUFF race)

Clubs: NYSFS Lunarians (Secretary, 1970s). Member at one time or another of N3F, New York Fanoclasts, FISTFA (Faanish, Insurgent, Scientifiction Assn.), British SF Assoc., LASFS, BCSFA, SFWA, HWA, others.

Fanzines: Many over 50 years, including the weekly DEGLER!, which became S.F. WEEKLY (1964-68); ALGOL (later STARSHIP, 1963-'84); SCIENCE FICTION CHRONICLE (1979-2000); SOUTH NORWALK; CONVENTION (1970-72); FRISCO MIKADO & GOLDEN SPIKE GAZETTE; 20th CENTURY UNLIMITED (for FAPA); others too numerous to mention.

Ran Algol Press, which published Cordwainer Smith, Gardner Dozois, Ursula K. Le Guin, hardcover/trade paperback The Book of Ellison to honor Ellison's 1978 Worldcon GoHship, etc.

Other Fanac: Memmber of several apas including FAPA, TAPS (apa Manager for 1 year); SFPA; APA F (all 69 mailings, 1964-'65); APA-L; first newcolumn in SCIENCE FICTION TIMES, 1960. Attendee at almost every single Worldcons from 1963 to date, and at hundreds of other conventions.

Photo by Chaz Boston Baden, Aug. 2006.
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