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[Reinhardt, Hank] Hank Reinhardt [high-res photo]

1934 - 30 October 2007

Oxford, GA
Club fan.

FGoH: DeepSouthCon 19, Birmingham, 1981; Coast Con, ca. 1981; a couple of smaller conventions as well.
TM: DeepSouthCon 15/B'hamacon (1977, Birmingham AL).
Co-SGoH: Archon 29 (2005).

Rebel Award 1973, Georgia Fan Award 1986, Rubble Award 1997.

Founder of Atlanta Science Fiction Organization in 1949-50, of ASFO II in 1960, Birmingham SF Club in 1967, SCA in Birmingham, Atlanta & New Orleans in 1968-1970.

Most Noble Sacrifice: Marrying Toni...and leaving numerous female fans weeping thereby....

Photo by Chaz Boston Baden, Jul. 2002
Data: July 2014

Rev. 11-Jul-2014

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