Fan Gallery Contents: Sparks Rennie

[photo by Chaz Boston Baden, July 2002] Sparks Rennie [high-res photo]

(A. Michael Rennie)

York UK

Convention runner, Convention fan, Occassional fanwriter/editor, Filker in denial.

Con Committees: Hypotheticon I & (Chair) II, Albacon (1991-present), 2Kon/Eastercon 2000 (Secretary), UK05 Bid & Interaction, Discworldcon I, Eboracon,

Founder and secretary (later President) Cuckoo's Nest; Member of Io (Glasgow University), served as Secretary 1994?; Friends of Kilgore Trout.

Fanzines: Co-editor TBD (1992-1994), Occassional column in 3SF.

Tech at too many cons to mention.

First contact with fandom: 1990.

Photo by Chaz Boston Baden, July 2002.
Data: Dec. 2002

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