Fan Gallery Contents: Mike Resnick, F.N.

[photo by Mark Olson, June 2002] Mike Resnick, F.N. [high-res photo]

Cincinati, OH.
Fan writer, pro writer.

Fan GoH: Rivercon (1981). Over 28 GOHships as a pro, including Author GOH: Chicon 7 (2012 Worldcon).
TM: Windycon 3, 14, 17 (1976, 1987, 1990); Lunacon 1987; Nolacon II (1988 Worldcon); MagiCon (1992 Worldcon); DeepSouthCon 32/B'hamacon III (1994, Birmingham AL); ConQuesT 26 (1995); Tropicon XIV (1996); ArmadilloCon 18 (1996).
MC: Con*Stellation XXVII: Cassiopeia (2008).
Attended over 30 Worldcons, over 150 regional cons.
Has been a Guest at cons in America, Canada, France, and Slovakia.

Con Committees: Windycon 1-3.

Member of CFG.
Honorary lifetime member of NESFA.
Skylark Award, 1995.
Fellow of NESFA, 2003.

Fanzines: Published MASQUERADE (a one-shot), 39 issues of apazine TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN, and 12 issues of another apazine, RETURN OF THE HERETIC. Writes about 10 or 12 articles a year for fanzines such as MIMOSA, CHALLENGER, LAN'S LANTERN, and FOSFAX; also written for FILE 770, ARGENTUS, SLEIGHT OF HAND, the forthcoming BURSTZINE, and a pile of others.

Photo by Mark Olson, June 2002.
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