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[photo by Brian Westley, Oct. 2001] David E. Romm [Print] [high-res photo]


Minneapolis MN
Fanzine fan, convention fan, sf radio fan, party hopper

FGoH: Minicon 25, 1990

Con committees: Minicon Concom 1979-1998; Worldcon Committee/Staff: Suncon 1977, Iguanacon 1978, LACon III 1996.

Clubs/organizations: President, Albany State Science Fiction Society 1974-78; various capacities, Minnesota Scientifiction Society.

Fanzines: TWO MAGICIANS (with Frank Balazs); IMPRESSIONS (personalzine); RUNE (with Jeanne Mealy); hundreds of one-shots, apazines and con flyers.

Other fanac: Producer of SHOCKWAVE, a science fiction/science fact radio program 1979-present; Masseur to fans and SFWA members; Explaining how to pronounce "DavE."

Photo by Brian Westley, Oct. 2001
Data: May 2002

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