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(Peggy Rae McKnight, Peggy Rae Pavlat)

Washington DC Area
Club fan, fanzine fan/archivist/editor, convention fan, masquerade audience member; retired.

FGoH: Paricon, 1984; Unicon, 1984 or so; Cavecon, 1993; NorWesCon 17 (1994).
Fan GoH: Chicon 7 (2012 Worldcon).

Chair: Disclave 1991; Smofcon 9 (1992); Bucconeer (Worldcon 56, 1998, Baltimore); Smofcon 22 (2004).
Co-Chair: World Fantasy Convention 2014.

Con Committees: Discon, Discon II, Noreascon 2 and 3, Chicon IV, Constellation, ConFederation, ConFiction, Magicon, ConFrancisco, Con José.

Awards: Big Heart Award, 1983, with late husband, Robert K. Pavlat.

Clubs: Philadelphia Science Fiction Society, 1956-1962, vice-president; Los Angeles Science Fantasy Society, 1963-1964 (but death does not release you!); Washington Science Fiction Association, 1962-current, treasurer, trustee.

Fanzines: ETWAS, 1960-1963; OF CABBAGES AND KINGS (AND BABY TURTLES), 1966-199; OF MEMBERS AND ZINES (AND EGOBOO POLLS), ca. 1968-present; ADENTURES ON EARTH, 1999-current.

Member, Universal Church of Pan-Ethnic Cuisine.

Photo by Mark Olson, Dec. 1997
Data: Nov. 2016

Rev. 26-Aug-2014

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