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Minneapolis MN area
Fanwriter, Faneditor, Historian/Archivist, Photographer

Con Committees: Pghlange 3 & 4 (1971-72), Art Show DH; Constellation (1983 Worldcon), Mimeo Room DH; Minicon 28+ (1993- ), Publisher, BOZO BUS TRIBUNE newsletter

Member: WPSFA (Pittsburgh), WSFA, Fanoclasts, MinnStf, various APAs

Published numerous fanzines, had large amount of fanwriting published. ("Orgonomy And the Cat" anthologized in FANTHOLOGY `75; otherwise, perennial FANTHOLOGY runner-up.) Contributed many con photos and reviews to LOCUS, attended uncounted number of cons since 1968.

Photo by Stan Burns, Nov. 1997
Data: Dec. 1997

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