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Los Angeles CA area

SF Fan Artist, SF pro artist, professional cartoonist, storyboard and layout man for TV animation, Comic book artist, and depressed zany.

Artist GoH: Westercon 63/ConChord 23: Confirmation (2010).

Rotsler Award, 2005.

Con Committees: Ran projectors at a couple of LASFS cons years back. Never worked on a real committee for fear of becoming drunk with power.

Clubs/Offices: LASFS; Southern California Scenic Railway Assn.; Cartoonists Artists Professional Society; California Antique Phonograph Society, and, with any luck soon, The Hollywood Rat Pack.

Contributions to: NO AWARD; CLAW, FANG AND STEEL; SPONTOON; ROWRBRAZZLE, and lots of stuff back in the `70's and `80's.
Founded ROWRBRAZZLE, the cartoonist's apa.

Photo by Stan Burns, Aug. 1999
Data: Sep. 2014

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