Fan Gallery Contents: Eric P. Scott

[Scott, Eric_P.] Eric P. Scott [high-res photo]


San Francisco CA

Convention fan

Con Committees: Staff for various cons: art show, green room, programming, and Internet stuff. Including Con Suite at Westercon 40.

Clubs/organizations: Used to go to BASFA meetings.

Attended every Westercon starting with Westercon 34 (1981).
Participant in SF-LOVERS mailing list.
Hosted or co-hosted @ or @! parties, starting attending them in 1981 and was hosting @ parties by mid-80's. Started giving away @ badges in 1989.

First contact with fandom: ca. 1980.

Photo by Chaz Boston Baden, Oct. 2005
Data: Nov. 2002

Rev. 16-Aug-2007

Also on file: Photo by Chaz Boston Baden, Feb. 2002