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31 December 1931 - 11 February 1996

Fan writer, fan artist.

Fanwriter Hugo 1979, 1980.
FAAn Award for Best Fan Writer, 1977-'79.
Doc Weir Award 1980. Rebel Award 1994. Nova for Best Fan, 1996.
Past President of fwa, 1995.

FGoH: NorWesCon 5 (1982); DeepSouthCon 32/B'hamacon III (1994, Birmingham AL).
GoH: Tynecon (1974 Eastercon, Newcastle); Windycon 5 (1978); Novacon 9 West (Albany NY, 1979); DeepSouthCon 19/B'hamacon II (1981, Birmingham AL); Swancon 14 (1989 Australian S.F. Convention); DeepSouthCon 28 (1990, Chattanooga TN); Confabulation (1995 Eastercon, London); Loscon 22 (1995).
TM: V-Con 17 (1989, Vancouver, Canada); Seacon '79 (Worldcon 1979); ConFederation (1986 Worldcon).

Arnie Katz and rich brown (when co-editing the second incarnation of FOCAL POINT), ran a successful "BoSh Fund" to bring Bob to the Worldcon in Boston the year after he lost TAFF to Eddie Jones. That BoSh Fund was the first of several. Attended Aussiecon 2 (1985 Worldcon) via The Shaw Fund.

Co-author (with Walt Willis) of fandom's most enduring allegory, THE ENCHANTED DUPLICATOR.

Provided a large share of the artwork in SLANT, where he also wrote his oft-reprinted "Fansmanship Lectures." Known for giving humorous "scientific" lectures at conventions, including a few at Worldcons.

One of the Wheels of IF (IF=Irish Fandom), where he was a noted trencherman and hard-playing Ghoodminton competitor. They, and other members of Sixth Fandom, had been largely responsible for promoting South Gate in '58, using it as an interlineation in their fanzines.

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