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- January 2010


FGoH: Bubonicon 14 (1982); L.A.con III (1996 Worldcon); Worldcon Nippon 2007.

Started pubbing fanzine/semiprozine UCHUJIN in 1957.
Edited three-volume hardcover BEST FROM UCHUJIN, 1977.

Founder of Japan's national science fiction convention, 1962.
Wrote about Japanese SF in IF MAGAZINE in 1967.
Came to USA (with Sachiko) via a special fund in 1968.

Big Heart Award, 1987.
World SF "Karel Award" in 1991 (Chengdu, China).
Con Francisco Special Award, 1993: For building bridges between cultures and nations to advance science fiction and fantasy.

Regular presenters of Seiun Award (for science fiction published in Japanese) at Hugo ceremonies, when translations of works in English win.

Photo by Bruce Pelz, Sep. 2000
Data: Aug. 2014

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