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New York NY

Fanhistorian, fanzine fan/archivist/collector/indexer, convention/club fan

FGoH: ASFIcon 2, Atlanta (1981); OASIS 3, Orlando (1990); Loscon 26 (1999); Lunacon 51 (2008).
FGoH (with Edie Stern): Minicon 31, Minneapolis (1996); DeepSouthCon 34/Beachcon 1996, Jekyll Island GA).

Chair: Magicon (51st Worldcon, 1992). FanHistoricon (co-founder, chair or co-chair of five, 1994-2000); SMOFcon (co-founder, chair/co-chair of Smofcon 1, 7, 18); Tropicon (co-founder, chair/co-chair of 8); Travelling Fete (founder, chair of 3).

Con Committees: Noreascon 4 (2004 Worldcon), Publications Div. Head; ConFederation and Suncon (1986 and 1977 Worldcons), Program Div. Head. Have worked 21 Worldcons and NASFiCs in exhibits, GoH liaison, hotel relations, operations, programming, publications, treasurey, and as auctioneer. Have worked on nearly 200 conventions including Boskones, Fanhistoricon, Galacticon, Lunacons, OASIS, Omnicons, SerCon, Swanncons, Westercon, Windycon, etc.

DUFF delegate (southbound), 2005. Fellow of NESFA, 1997. Lifetime Honorary Member of SFSFS (South Florida SF Society). Omnicon Gnome Award.

Clubs: FANAC, Inc. (co-founder, chairman 15 years); NESFA; Timebinders (co-founder); SFSFS (founder, chairman 5 times, board member 20 years); Coral Springs Science Fiction League, Social Drinking Society, and Travelling Fanvariety Show In Exile (founder and Sole Titular Dictator); Fanoclasts.

Past member of: FISTFA; Lunarians; Tallahassee Mad Gang (founder); National Fantasy Fan Federation (Editor, Board Member).

Fanzines: UNTERHELIOS, FANHISTORICA, SFSFS SHUTTLE, over 100 fanzines, a filk book, many convention pubs, apazines, and compiled the SMOFcon Convention Manual (200 pages).

Published A WEALTH OF FABLE by Harry Warner, Jr., the history of 1950's SF Fandom; THE COMPLETE QUANDRY (reprints from and bibliographical info on Lee Hoffman's legendary fanzine); and Walt Willis's THE ENCHANTMENT.

Curator, Fan History Museum Exhibit. FANAC Fan History Project website - http://fanac.org.

Member, Flushing in '80 Bid Committee.

Photo by Stan Burns, Nov. 1999
Data: Aug. 2014

See also: Stern, Edie
See also: Siclari, Joe, & Stern, Edie

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